Key benefits for intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship Benefits1. Be lean and minimize risk

  • Know your customer: lntrapreneurship teams want to develop valuable solutions for existing or new customers. Therefore, it is essential to know your potential customers. The validated six-­step process directs teams to reflect upon their ideas early on in the process and helps them to get valuable feedback from the market. Fail fast, validate faster is thereby the principle.

2. Stay focused

  • Record results and progress: Via the innovation platform, teams can plan and exchange their work packages. It provides all members of the team with a structure overview of how far along the process they are. Gamifying the process makes it fun for users to document their progress: Each of the six steps has an icon that indicates the level of progress, meaning how much content has already been provided. Because nobody wants to leave tasks incomplete, the tool helps to push to give your best.
  • Work iteratively on your business model: Innovative ideas need a holistic business model to meet customer needs. In addition to a service or product, this also includes suppliers, production, internal and external partners as well as communication and distribution channels. Teams also need to pay close attention to cost and price concepts as an integral part of the business model. The innovation platform puts each of these aspects iteratively on the team’s agenda: the result is a holistic and well-structured business model.

3. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Get inspiration and learning from the best: Every project has its ups and downs and it is normal for teams to sometimes become short of breath. That is why our platform provides inspiration sections: best practice examples, an overview of 91 different business models, a guide to various ideas of how to build a prototype as well as a selection of the ten most important trends of our time provides teams with insight into how other company concepts work and helps them to cope with standstills.
  • Receive automated guidance: Developing skills such as risk taking behavior and acceptance of failure are crucial for every intrapreneur to consequently learn from it. The Innovation Platform works with intelligent automated feedback that guides intrapreneurship teams through the process and leads them from one step to the next. Based on the content one enters, one will receive automated advice that helps to drive the idea forward. So, intrapreneurship teams can be assured to receive up to date education while at the same time are being well looked after throughout the entire process.

Key benefits for innovation managers

Intrapreneurship Benefits1. Keep an overview of intrapreneurial activities and save time

  • The platform helps innovation managers to keep track of the ongoing intrapreneurship projects, monitor progress, and manage teams more easily. On the dashboard, the innovation manager can see the teams’ activities and consequently can quickly take actions when teams need support. This allows innovation managers to manage a high number of early-stage ideas and validate which idea really adds value for the customer, while saving curcial time monitoring and managing them. Our experience has shown that internal or external mentors allow maximum leverage of relevant stakeholder networks and constitutes a key success factor of intrapreneurship programs.

2. Increase quality of ideas

  • Cluster ideas and validate them: Idea-finding processes often yield many, almost too many results. The basis for new products should always be the value-adding benefit for the customer. However, ideas are assumptions about the improved answering of customer use compared to the offer today: validating these hypotheses is the core task of the platform.
  • Identify long-term talent gaps: Our experience has shown that many intrapreneurship teams have a technical background. While this allows teams to have strong competences in regard to production and design, the innovation platform helps them to understand and focus on the customer and the benefits they create for them. By using our tool, teams often recognize that they need to complete their team with business related skills in order to competently compete in the market.

3. Increase employees’ motivation

  • Spread intrapreneurial mindset among your company: lntrapreneurship is a major driver for accelerating culture change and organizational transformation. Educating employees and spreading intrapreneurial spirit is thereby essential to stay part of the game and achieve long-term success. Teaching intrapreneurship to as many employees as possible, regardless of their position or the department they work in, helps to develop a culture where risk taking, acceptance of failure, and consequently learning from it are promoted.
  • Automated feedback, help & guidance: While working on their business ideas, teams are never left on their own. The Innovation Platform provides crucial guidance and feedback along the journey and offers many best practice examples and ready-to-use strategies and inspiration. Thereby the six-­step process of the platform many moments of ‘aha’, making it fun for users to work with.

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