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The difference between Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Capital

by veljko • February 17, 2021

Authors: “Corporate investing is dumb. I think corporations should buy companies. Investing in companies makes no sense.” This quote from Fred Wilson, an American businessman, and investor, is by now notoriously famous. It demonstrates the great skepticism by corporates concerning minority investments.  Throughout the last years, Corporate Venturing and Venture Capital have gained popularity throughout […]

Future of Mobility

The Future of Mobility – Challenges for the Automotive & Energy Industry

by Alexander • October 27, 2017

The automotive and energy sectors are preparing for disruption. New players such as startups are entering the market and innovative solutions, emerging from current megatrends, are challenging the status quo – making innovation a number one priority for established corporates to stay ahead of the game and shape the future of mobility. In this article, […]


6 Intrapreneurship Programs For Your Business

by Alexander • October 19, 2017

There are many different ways to innovate within a company. Which one of these six intrapreneurship programs is the most suitable to reach your business goals? Typical intrepreneurship programs last from a few days to several months and are composed of the building blocks with different emphases. Before we go into detail, here is an […]

5 Tools Every Innovation Manager Needs

by Alexander • October 6, 2017

A company’s infrastructure will make or break corporate innovation. To set up an effective innovation process, it’s crucial for an innovation manager to create an atmosphere that lets your team communicate efficiently, work on concepts and share files collaboratively. Here are the 5 essential tools every innovation manager needs. 1. Communication It’s certainly no secret […]

A Game-Changer For Intrapreneurship

by Alexander • September 20, 2017

Key benefits for intrapreneurship 1. Be lean and minimize risk Know your customer: lntrapreneurship teams want to develop valuable solutions for existing or new customers. Therefore, it is essential to know your potential customers. The validated six-­step process directs teams to reflect upon their ideas early on in the process and helps them to get […]

Step 3 Draft Your Business Model

Step 3: Draft Your Business Model – 6 Steps To Turn Your Business Idea Into Success

by Alexander • May 11, 2017

In our blog series “6 Steps To Turn Your Business Idea Into Success” we focus on how to avoid the mistakes of the others by validating them. The previous step was all about building your solution in a way that it is adressing your customers’ major pains and needs. It was followed by the second validation […]

How To Choose The Right Financing For Your Startup Image

How To Choose The Right Financing For Your Startup

by Alexander • September 13, 2016

Guest Post by Roman Rericha Roman Rericha is a partner at BTP and specializes in M&A transactions, financings, corporate and capital markets law. He is in charge of complex and cross-border M&A and private equity transactions, both on the vendor and customer sides, and advises national and international companies on reorganizations and financing. Their initiave BTP Nährboden supports startups […]

6 Steps To Success

6 Steps To Turn Your Business Idea Into Success – Intro

by Alexander • August 9, 2016

How to avoid the mistakes of the others by validating them. The beginning of every business idea is usually marked with super-excitement. You are convinced that your idea is the next big thing. And maybe it is, if you follow the next 6 steps and know how to validate your ideas. We developed this 6 […]

Key Insights from a b2b startup

Key Insights From A B2B Startup

by Alexander • July 31, 2016

Guest Post by Benjamin Schwarzler Benjamin is the founder CEO of Tablet Solutions., a startup in the area of industrial digitalization. We simplify and automate machinery and plant construction processes and develop mobile Apps which field engineers see essential for their work. Our clients are machinery and plants engineering companies, global leaders in their niche. […]

How to successfully collaborate with startups

5 Steps To Successfully Collaborate With Startups

by Stefan Perkmann Berger • June 28, 2016

The innovation potential does not stop at the boundaries of established corporates. Among the options of open innovation collaborating with startups developed to one of the main options. This became common understanding since startups like Uber, Airbnb and Facebook disrupted traditional markets. Open innovation has become a widely-accepted approach and we have seen many different […]