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Empirical Study on Entrepreneurial Team Decisions

The Big Startup Personality Study

Is your team mastering entrepreneurial decisions successfully?

What’s your team’s personality?

Share your insights and use the results to your advantage!

Are you ready to find out how your startup’s DNA affects your decision-making and your chances to build a successful business? Join the Big Startup Personality Study!

We are searching for startups to team up with a research group on Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

Your experience matters. While every startup is unique, the study aims to identify recurring patterns among entrepreneurial teams to understand how they agree on important decisions. We regard your experience as a valuable insight that will become an important contribution to economic science.

Get scientifically sound results and use them to your advantage. Collective decision-making is a pillar of new ventures and team characteristics determine a startup’s early development. In return for providing valuable insights, the research group will present you with the results. Learn about the cognition patterns that lie within the composition of your team and find out if you’re mastering entrepreneurial decisions successfully!


Vienna, Austria

Freie Universität Bozen

Startups wanted! Join the Big Startup Personality Study and find out if your team is mastering entrepreneurial decisions successfully!

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Patricia Schandlbauer
Patricia Schandlbauer+43 660 7029787

What’s your role as a startup

Participation in the study requires about one-hour time per team. First, every team member is asked to individually fill in a questionnaire asking for demographics and personality characteristics, followed by a case study, which is to be read and then discussed in the team.

Benefits for startups

Each participating startup will receive a specific profile of their team, based on the “Big Five” personality inventory. As well as a description of the hosted startups in terms of team composition and decision-making style and (if desired) a mention in the scientific paper.

Due to the novel design of this experimental study, we expect to find very innovative and interesting results.

Join our empirical study on entrepreneurial team decisions & get to know your team’s DNA!

Patricia Schandlbauer Patricia Schandlbauer +43 660 7029787

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