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Innovation Challenge 2017

Revolutionizing the energy sector

Wien Energie is responsible for ensuring the reliable supply of electricity, natural gas and heating to around two million people, 230,000 businesses in the Greater Vienna metropolitan area. Activities also performed by the company include providing energy-related advice and services and facility management. Wien Energie intends to expand its portfolio of products and services to further foster satisfaction and loyalty of its customer base. Subsequently, Wien Energie is looking for innovative solutions in the field of e-mobility, charging Infrastructure, customer services as well as 24/7 facility management services.

Startup Day
06.12.2016, Vienna
Innovation Challenge 2017
31.01. - 02.02.2017, Vienna

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Revolutionize The Energy Sector
Present your innovative product, service or idea and revolutionize the energy sector together. Let’s reshape public services in one of the fastest growing metropoles in Western Europe.

Access Icon
Market know-how and potential access to Customer B2B and B2C
Get access to the huge customer base of Wien Energie. 2 million people and 230,000 companies

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Acceleration & Partnership
Build a promising partnership, get access to a new market, profit from synergies and much more. Chance for financial support during the acceleration phase

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Join the Innovation Challenge
Join us in Vienna from 31.01.2016 - 02.02.2017. We are looking for experts, customers, startups, talents and Wien Energie employees.

Scope of the project

The Innovation Challenge 2017 will provide you with the possibility to identify the biggest pain points in the targeted innovation fields close to one of the biggest players on the market. You have the chance to develop new business ideas in interdisciplinary teams and/or to create new products and services.

As startup with an innovative solution you have the chance to establish yourself as supplier or development partner or sell your innovative products or services through Wien Energie.

The topics of the Wien Energie Innovation Challenge

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E-mobility Charging Infrastructure
The future of urban mobility lies in the combination of public transport and e-vehicles. For this reason, Wien Energie develops models to make this goal a reality.

During the Innovation Challenge 2017, we would like to develop additional product features or services that can significantly improve the customer benefits of using the Wien Energie E-mobility charging infrastructure? These could be add-ons implemented into the charging station itself or apps related to the e-mobility experience.

Innovative Services Image

Innovative Services
It is Wien Energie’s vision to be Austria’s leading energy company and impress its customers with environmentally minded action, innovations and services. Currently, the focus lays on energy-related services. Soon, the service portfolio could be expanded.

The questions to be answered are: which innovative services can enable Wien Energie to address additional customer needs? Clearly, the services targeted should go beyond energy-related topics. How can this contribute to sustain customer loyalty in a volatile market environment?

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24/7 Facility Management and Maintenance Services
Wien Energie as an electricity producer and waste processor has over 114 years experience in Facility Management and maintenance of critical industrial assets in an urban environment.

Here, we would like to look beyond the current core business: Which additional application fields show a significant potential to use this existing expertise and create new facility management services, addressing new industry segments? What is the impact of Digitalization (Remote Maintenance, Augmented Reality) in that area?

Who are we looking for?

Startups Image
offering an innovative product or service, and have at least a working prototype

Corporate Image
that are revolutionizing energy market

Customers Image
from the B2B sector

Experts Image
Experts, Talents & Visionaries
Company internal and external experts wanted to energize the discussion during the camp.

The Journey

Startups Image
Startup Day
Innovation Challenge Image
Innovation Challenge
31.01. - 02.02.2017
Acceleration Phase Image
Acceleration Phase
Feburary - April 2017

Work together with Wien Energie experts
Support by WhatAVenture innovation experts
Budget for prototyping
Mentoring by Wien Energie experts
Full-time project manager from Wien Energie
Presentation Image
Final Presentation
Wien Energie
Management Board
April 2017
Launch Image
Successful Launch or Cooperation

The Startup Day
Off to a great start!

The Wien Energie Startup Day was the first step to a great innovation challenge. We received more than 180 applications from all over Europe. 11 startups were invited to pitch their idea in front of more than 200 Wien Energie stakeholders and employees.

The feedback from the startups and all participants was amazing. There has been intensive exchange of ideas and concepts between all parties. Additionally, we already have the first success stories! Various business units have found a great match with startups and are already talking about a potential cooperation.

Startup Day Winners:
1st Place: Chakratec
2nd Place: Payuca
3rd Place: Viscopic

LIVE vom Startup Day der Wien Energie im Rahmen der Innovation Challenge, mit drei spannenden Startups im Gespräch!

Posted by DerBrutkasten on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

About Wien Energie

Wien Wien Energie is responsible for ensuring the reliable supply of electricity, natural gas and heating to around two million people, 230,000 businesses and industrial facilities, as well as 4,500 farms in the Greater Vienna metropolitan area. Activities also performed by the company include waste recycling, providing energy-related advice and services, facility management, telecommunications. Moreover, Wien Energie is active in a number of projects at a European level.

Wien Energie offers heating, cooling and decentralized products such as citizen investment models directly. Electricity and gas are sold via the subsidiary Wien Energie Vertrieb GmbH & Co KG.

With a turnover of EUR 1,820,8 million (2015), Wien Energie can be counted among Austria’s top 30 companies in terms of turnover. In the 2015 financial, Wien Energie GmbH employed an average of 2,680 employees in the various different company divisions.

Wien Energie Group is therefore one of the largest employers in the Austrian capital.

Are you looking for an innovation internship? Apply now!

Wien Energie
Join the Wien Energie Innovation Challenge 2017
Revolutionize the energy sector together with one of Austrias leading energy providers. Present your innovative product or service in the field of e-mobility, charging infrastructure, customer services (energy related and beyond) as well as 24/7 facility management.

What’s in there for to you?

  • Contribute with your ideas to the the Wien Energie Innovation Camp
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience with leading experts
  • Get the chance to work with leading mentors
  • Partner up with market leaders
  • See your ideas turned into reality
  • Get inspired by the variety of ideas & be part of the experience

Benefits for...


  • Sell your service/product
  • Position yourself a potential supplier
  • Get access to know-how and learnings
  • Find a successful and experienced partner
  • Get access to a large target group
  • Profit from synergies


  • Co-create exciting new ventures
  • Foster existing partnerships
  • Build up promising new partnerships
  • Upsell products to new customers
  • Become part of the value chain


  • Present and develop your idea
  • Start an own venture or
  • join an existing team
  • Revamp your network


Tu, 31.01.2017

08:00 – 09.00Registration
09:00 – 09:30Introduction: Agenda & Approach
09:30 – 10: 30Intro: Scope and Topics of the Camp (N.N., Wien Energie Top Management)
11:00 – 12:30Warm-up & Generation of Ideas
12:30 – 13:00Working Lunch & Team Building
13:30 – 17:00Teamwork 1:
Customer Exploration
18:00 – 19:00Working Dinner

We 01.02.2017

08:30 – 12:30Teamwork 2:
Solution (Product or Service)
12:30 – 13:00Working Lunch
13:00 – 17:00Teamwork 3
Business Model
18:00 – 19:00Working Dinner
19:00 – 21:00Pitch Training

Th, 02.02.2017

08:30 – 12:30Teamwork 4:
Pitch Preparation
12:30 – 13:00Working Lunch
13:00 – 15:00Pitch & Q&A with the Jury
16:00 – 17:00Announcement of the Winners
17:00 – 18:00Conclusion on the event

Insights from our last Innovation Camp at Kapsch

„I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” So let's do and understand: to witness an innovation camp where you get the possibility to experience all steps of an innovation, beginning with the idea up to creating a business case and finally pitch a solution, within 24 hours – that’s what was thrilling me the most! With the remarkable guidance of WhatAVenture and their brilliant Innovation Box, the idea of my team actually found its way to reality. 24 hours aside from daily office routine that were inspiring and light up the feeling of “wanting more”.

Katrin Lenz

BFI Vienna


The Innovation Challenge aims to collaboratively identify and build new dimensions on the market. The primary language will be German but you can also present in English.
The acceleration phase will take place for 2 months. Startups and experts don't necessarily need to be in Vienna but should invest 2 days/week. The aim is to build a prototype and/or prepare the project for a successful cooperation/launch. Budget for first prototypes and pilot projects might be provided.
The expenses regarding transportation to and from Vienna will be reimbursed by Wien Energie.
Reasonable accomodation costs will be reimbursed.
You will be required to sign a short non-disclosure agreement to participate at the camp. Some of the information likely to be shared may be sensitive, because it is related to the energy sector.