Salzburg AG
Innovation Challenge #2

Salzburg AG for Energy, Transport and Telecommunications operates in important areas that contribute to the quality of life and economic development of Salzburg. Thanks to Salzburg AG’s products and services for electricity, natural gas, district heating and transport, as well as cable TV, internet and telephony, reliable infrastructure for the citizens of the state of Salzburg is assured. Salzburg AG’s goal is to make the lives of Salzburg’s citizens more comfortable now and more sustainable for the future. In the 2016 financial year, Salzburg AG recorded sales of EUR 1.06 billion with some 2,062 employees, serving more than 400,00 customers. In order to seize the opportunities and advances that energy transition and digitalisation brings, Salzburg AG is looking for solutions in the areas of innovative customer solutions, operation and maintenance of assets, renewable energy and energy storage, eco-mobility, and data analysis and forecast.

Startup Fair: 23.05.2017
Innovation Camp: 21. ‑ 23.06.2017
Salzburg, Austria

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Acceleration & Partnership

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Market Know-How and Large Target Group

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Shape the future
of Energy

Scope of the project

The project will kick off with the startup fair on the 23rd of May. Here you will have the opportunity to introduce your product or service to a wide range of Salzburg AG board members, executives, and decision makers. The goal is to establish a first exchange between you and Salzburg AG. As an additional incentive, the best pitch will also receive a special prize.

Next, the innovation camp will provide you with the opportunity to identify the biggest pain points in the targeted innovation fields alongside one of the biggest players in the region. You will have the chance to develop new business ideas in interdisciplinary teams and/or to create new products and services. Successful projects will be eligible for a four-month acceleration phase.

As a startup with an innovative solution you will have the chance to establish yourself as a supplier or development partner or sell your innovative products or services through Salzburg AG.

The topics of the Salzburg AG Innovation Challenge #2 are

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Innovative customer solutions
Consumer, prosumer, business
Salzburg AG has realised that energy transition and digitalisation brings a lot of opportunities to its business ecosystem. Its customer base has become part of a digital society that needs to be engaged in a different way than in past decades.
Therefore, a major target of the Salzburg AG Innovation Challenge #2 is to utilise the innovative solutions of the startup community to identify new products and services for energy, mobility and telecommunication. Service integration, operation of decentralised assets, smart home solutions, and services related to smart-meters are examples of areas that are of particular interest.

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Renewable energy and energy storage
All the electricity that Salzburg AG customers need comes from renewable sources – 90% of which is water power. However, this is not enough for a future with a growing demand for electricity.
Salzburg AG is looking for new technologies (hydro, PV, wind, biomass) and business models that are well suited to their needs as an energy supplier located in the heart of the Alps, serving a very demanding customer base. Furthermore, Salzburg AG is looking for innovative energy storage solutions at all scales (centralised and de-centralised), ranging from battery technology, charge management, and related business models.

Operation and maintenance Image

Operation and maintenance of energy assets
Salzburg AG endeavors to achieve operational excellence in its highly diverse portfolio of assets, ranging from power plants to various types of network infrastructure.
The impact of digitalisation on the operation and maintenance of all Salzburg AG assets is of particular interest. Augmented Reality/AR (e.g. for training or remote maintenance), the deployment of drones, and holistic plant management approaches (process control, planning, forecasting, simulation) are all target areas.

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With around 50 million passengers per year, Salzburg AG is the largest mobility provider in the region, operating the famous Salzburg trolley busses, local train lines, tourist transportation, and a dense network of charging stations for e-cars, as well as e-carsharing.

Salzburg AG would like to further improve the customer experience related to these mobility services, tackling issues like the optimisation of traffic streams, overall reduction of travel time and ecological footprint, and convenient payment systems.

Data analysis and forecasting Image

Data analysis and forecasting
As consequence of the digitalisation of society, an increasing amount of data is at the company’s disposal. This includes data from internal sources, such as customer information (including smart meters soon) or the operational data of networks and plants, but also from external sources like energy trading, traffic flow or increasingly precise weather forecasts.
Salzburg AG is looking for ideas and concepts on how to use this data in fields such as customer care, energy trading, consumption and production forecast.

Who are we looking for?

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offering a new product or innovative service with at least a first working prototype

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with technologies in their portfolio that will change the energy world willing to innovate like startups do

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from the B2B sector

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Experts, Talents & Visionaries
from all fields: industry, universities and research, institutes, public, private

What’s in it for you?

  • Contribute your ideas to the Salzburg AG Innovation Challenge #2
  • Exchange knowledge and experience with leading experts
  • The chance to work with leading mentors
  • Partner up with market leaders
  • See your ideas turned into reality
  • Be inspired by the variety of ideas and be part of the experience

Benefits for ...


  • Sell your service/product
  • Get access to almost half a million new customers
  • Position yourself as a potential supplier to Salzburg AG
  • Receive a PoC budget
  • Get access to know-how and learnings
  • Find a successful and experienced partner
  • Get access to a large target group
  • Profit from synergies


  • Co-create exciting new ventures
  • Foster existing partnerships
  • Build up promising new partnerships
  • Upsell products to new customers
  • Become part of the value chain by providing your services


  • Present and develop your idea
  • Start an own venture or join an existing team
  • Revamp your network

Join the Salzburg AG
Innovation Callenge #2

The Journey

Journey Image

1. Deadline for application: 08.05.2017
2. Startup fair: 23.05.2017
  • Pitch directly to the top executives of Salzburg AG
  • Meet all relevant experts in an open pitching session
  • Win the prize for the best pitch!
3. Innovation camp: 21. - 23.06.2017
  • Validate your collaboration with Salzburg AG in an intense workshop
  • Work on a collaborative business model
  • Receive the chance to enter the acceleration phase with your project

4. Acceleration Phase Kick-off: 29.06.2017
5. Acceleration Phase: July - October 2017
  • Support by WhatAVenture external innovation experts
  • Budget for prototyping
  • Mentoring and project coordination support by Salzburg AG experts
  • No permanent residency necessary
6. Demo Day: 23.10.2017


Startup Fair, 23.05.2017

Closed pitch to the board and executives of Salzburg AG

Start of the fair - time to get to know the Salzburg AG employees

Open pitches with crowd voting
Welcoming talk by the board

Announcement of the best pitch & closing of the fair

Day 1,Wed. 21.06.2017


Welcome: Scope and topics of the camp

Detailed agenda & approach

Teamwork 1: Customer exploration

Working lunch

Teamwork 2: Solution

Working dinner

Day 2,Th. 22.06.2017

Mentoring session

Incorporation of mentor feedback

Working lunch

Teamwork 3: Business model

Working dinner

Pitch training

Day 3, Fr. 23.06.2017

Teamwork 4: Pitch prepration

Working lunch

Pitch & Q&A with the jury

Announcement of the jury decision

Startups wanted! Join the challenge!
Shape the future of energy, mobility and communication with your innovative product or service! Partner up with the market leader and grow your startup!

About Salzburg AG

Salzburg AG for Energy, Transport and Telecommunications operates in important areas that contribute to the quality of life and economic development of Salzburg.

With Salzburg AG’s products and services for electricity, natural gas, long-distance and local heating, and transport, as well as CableLink products cable TV, internet, and telephony, they ensure reliable infrastructure for the citizens of the state of Salzburg. Their goal is to make the lives of the citizens of Salzburg more comfortable now and more sustainable for the future. In the 2016 financial year Salzburg AG recorded sales of EUR 1.06 billion, with some 2,062 employees, serving more than 400,000 customers.

Salzburg AG Image

Check out our video!

The world is changing – and with it, the energy sector as we have known it for decades. We at Salzburg AG want to use innovation to make good use of opportunities and advances that energy transition and digitalisation bring. We are thinking today about the infrastructure that we will need tomorrow. We are working on the vision of a digital society and seeking solutions that will continue to move Salzburg forward.
Leonhard Schitter, Horst Ebner


- Participation in the startup fair (if applicable)
- Participation in the innovation camp
Reasonable travel expenses (transportation to and from the city of Salzburg, accommodation for non-Salzburg residents) will be reimbursed following Salzburg AG’s travel expenses rules.
A jury consisting of the Salzburg AG Board of Directors, as well as senior decision takers, chooses the teams with the greatest potential. These teams are invited to join the acceleration process.
Workshop input, documentation, and pitches in English please. While working in your team: if 100% of your team members prefer German or any other language spoken within our team, that is not a problem!
Applying for this intense experience is straightforward. Hit the “Apply now” button, fill out the provided questionnaire and submit your application. If we require further information, we will contact you for a personal interview.
Rolling admission; admission deadline 8 May 2017, 23:59:59 CET.
We are looking forward to receiving your application!
Fotocredit: Fololia, Salzburg AG, Depositphotos