Executing Projects.

We can be whatever it takes to make your project successful. Your team member, creative agency, pace maker, sparring partner or coach. Because we know that working on projects is just more fun when you get things done and see the progress.

More power for your projects.
We help you to validate and realize your innovation projects.

We test it for you

There are so many great ideas and opportunities to pursue. Before investing too many resources in uncertainty, we really find out if there is a problem or need for your product in the market. So you can make the right decision.

#Customer Exploration
#Customer Interviews
#Market Analysis
#Pre-Prototype Sales
#Proof of Concept

We build it for you

We build your prototype, give your idea character with an appealing brand, get the first customers and really kick-start your project. Our makers team loves to create your next favorite project

#Rapid Prototyping / Digital Prototypes
#User Interface Design
#Digital Marketing
#Lead Generation & Growth Hacks
#Landing Pages

We sell it for you

Getting your first clients and actively managing your customer growth is one of the most important topics for new ventures. We have many years of experience in sales in various industries and have built up sales structures for a long-term success. Through the direct customer feedback in calls and meetings we can help you to shape your product/service for product market fit.

#Business Development
#Business Modelling
#Definition of Unique Selling Points
#Sales Calls
#Sales Processes (CRM, Mailings, KPIs)

Some of our awesome projects

5% less fuel consumption due to PV foil on truck trailers

Finalist of the world‘s largest Climate-Tech Accelerators „Climate Launchpad“

Most Innovative Product of the Year 2018 at the Freight Transport Association Awards

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