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Pre-order: The state of corporate venture building in 2023

Are you ready to elevate your corporate innovation game? Gain practical insights on building successful corporate ventures with our upcoming study, 'The state of corporate venture building in 2023.' Be among the first to access the report and gain the knowledge to transform your organization.

the state of corporate venture building in 2023
What is it about?

At WhatAVenture, we’ve been delivering success with innovation to our corporate clients for the last decade. In recent years, we’ve seen many corporates take a venture building approach to fast-track new innovations and get them off the ground. To shine a light on both the triumphs and potential hurdles, we've embarked on an extensive study focusing on corporate ventures in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and Italy. Our research is built on data gathered from surveys and interviews with more than a hundred participants from the corporate world.

Who is it for?

This study is your roadmap to success with corporate venture building. Whether you're an executive, innovation manager, part of a corporate venture building unit or venture studio, or are simply curious about driving innovation from within your organization, the insights we offer will set the foundation for your journey. Discover how to navigate the complexities of venture building within the corporate environment in 2023.

Main takeaways of the guide

Your expertise matters

Participate in our study and shape the future of corporate venture building

You've already had a chance to pursue venture building in your organization? Then go ahead and join our study! Share your experience, successes and set-backs, and help other organizations learn and grow in this field.

Who should participate?


New business departments

Corporate venture building units or venture studios

Innovation Managers

Take part now

We know your time is valuable, but your expertise is priceless. The survey takes just 25 minutes, and your participation will make a real impact.

Complete the survey by October 5th.

What insights you will gain

  • Venture building set-up: targets, resources, team structures, budgets, reporting.
  • Major challenges and how they are being addressed.
  • Current trends and key success factors.
  • Successful spin-off cases shared by the study participants.

Ultimately, the report will give you the insights helpful to both start venture building efforts in your organization or take them a step further.

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We leverage corporate power to create successful ventures and new revenue streams. We accompany, support, and help established companies as facilitators, sparring partners, or even team members in the implementation of innovative programs and innovation strategies. Furthermore, we help them make their own ventures a success.

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