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The Hardware Tribe is an open community for hardware enthusiasts – including startups, partners and established companies – to come together and exchange their know-how and hardware secrets. The membership is free of charge as the initiative is powered through dedicated partners – WhatAVenture, Werkstätte Wattens and the Standortagentur Tirol. Our vision is to connect the best players in the industry with hardware startups and enthusiasts to solve relevant problems and push innovation.

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If you’re an established company that wants to add an innovation challenge to our camps, a startup that would like to pitch at an event or an enthusiast who wants to participate at a meetup – get in contact with us!

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Lisa Pecnik
Lead Project Manger
Hardware Tribe

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Fab Lab Wattens
Hardware Tribe Meetup #2
Wattens, January 2018

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By connecting the best players in the industry to solve relevant problems and push innovation.


through know-how access in business, industrial design and manufacturing


Receive access to eager industry partners and find a strategic partner by getting connected to experts, startups and leading companies from your field on a personal level


Drive innovation by getting access to new & fresh solutions, improving internal processes in specific hardware topics

Meet-ups and Camps

Be part of our events and work on driving trends and get access to a high-level prototyping lab


Driven by the vision to be the leading community in the region to solve hardware-related challenges and create new products through rapid prototyping and connecting leading startups and corporates.

Our hardware ninja startups


Apium is offering a solution combination regarding processing high-performance polymers by using the FFF 3D printing technology. Our main focus is developing FFF 3D printers.


We have built a voxel-based software engine for the processing and preparation of extremely complex models for 3D printing. We can make almost every conventional CAD model printable, and use generative design and algorithms to create very intricate details, usually not available with traditional surface mesh models (STL files).


Universal gripping technology for flexible production and logistics. The Formhand can adapt to and handle objects with different shapes.

Aprinta Pro

AprintaPro develops and manufactures 3D-printing materials and adhesives. Our main goal is to make the common and new (metal 3d printing) 3D-printing technologies more accessible to a broader audience.


Photoneo was established as a machine vision startup based in Slovakia with a team of visionaries and talented engineers focused on 3D. Our vision is to give robots human-like eyes. http://photoneo.com

Who is behind Hardware Tribe?

Team, Motivation, and Expertise

Driven by the vision to solve hardware-related challenges and create new products through rapid prototyping, Werkstätte Wattens, WhatAVenture and the Standortagentur Tirol partnered to connect hardware enthusiast, startups, and market leaders. By combining the strengths of all partners, we build a high impact innovation format.

  • Powered by the scouting, matching and business expertise of WhatAVenture
  • Centered around the infrastructure and facilities of the Center for Rapid Innovation at Werkstätte Wattens
  • Partnering with the network and cluster knowledge of Standortagentur Tirol.

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Past Events

Hardware Tribe Meetup #1: Packaging
Wattens, 05.10.2017

Speaker: Matthew  Gardiner

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Hardware Tribe Camp #1 Demo Day
Wattens, 30.07.2017

Startup Pitchers: Formhand, Photoneo, Hyperganic,  Apium & AprintaPro

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Read what happend

Hardware Tribe Camp
Hardware Tribe Camp #1
Wattens, 18.5-30.07.2017

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