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5 corporate venturing approaches compared

How to choose the right approach to venture building

The only guide you need to learn more about your corporate venturing options and how to identify which approach works best for building your next venture.

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Identify what setup works best for your next venture

Many corporates want to innovate outside of their core business and spin out start-ups to create new revenue streams. However, founding a company is associated with challenges and often ends in unnecessary costs.

Corporate venture builders (also called “company builders” or “startup factories”) aim to solve this problem by providing the most critical success factor: a dedicated, entrepreneurial team with a proven track record that can avoid common mistakes when launching a venture.

Check out our guide to discover if corporate venture building is suitable for your corporate and what are the different forms out there.

Who is the guide for?

If you are working in a corporation and have a project that you would like to build into an actual venture, this guide is ideal for you. You would be able to use the insights from our framework to compare, analyze and decide which approach is the most appropriate for the implementation of your future venture.


Key content and insights on venture building:

What is a corporate venture builder?

Definition of a venture builder and comparison with other incubators

What are the benefits of the approach?

Why should you work with a venture builder – and when not?

5 corporate venturing methods, compared

Spot conceptual differences between the venture building forms and explore use cases

What insights you will learn:

In the guide, you will gain an overview of the best-known venture building models:

  • Internal Venture Building Units
  • Corporate Venture Building as-a-service
  • Corporate Venture Building partnership
  • Corporate Venture Building + Venture Capital partnership
  • Pure corporate venture capital

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    About the authors

    Manuel Jäger


    Manuel specialized in innovation management to assist companies on their way to a successful, green future. When he’s not co-creating new ideas or ventures with our team, you can probably spot him exploring the latest tech gadgets out there. Next to his studies, Manuel gained valuable experience in the consulting and automotive sectors.

    Philippe Thiltges

    Co-Founder and Venture Partner

    Besides being Co-Founder and CEO of WhatAVenture, Philippe founded 3 more companies and supported the setup of numerous corporate spin-offs. During the last years, Philippe shaped the innovation landscape, especially in the DACH region. He supported more than 100 companies in developing and implementing sustainable innovation structures that create success with innovation.

    We are a corporate venture builder

    We leverage corporate power to create successful ventures and new revenue streams. We accompany, support, and help established companies as facilitators, sparring partners, or even as team members in the implementation of innovative programs and innovation strategies. Furthermore, we help them bring their own startups to success.

    Want to be succesful with innovation?

    Philipp Klar

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