Combining corporate power with startup agility. Temporary accelerator program to build-up new ventures around promising technologies.

Enterprises are powerful in marketing and scaling innovations, but often they risk killing good ideas by appyling the same linear develoment processes and governance structure from their operational business.

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The stages of our
Industry Accelerator

1. Scope of application

Identification of attractive fields of application.

2. Scouting process

Identification of talents, experts, and early-stage startups.

3. Innovation Camp

Building teams around promising business ideas.

4. Acceleration process

Accelerating the idea to investment readiness

5. Evaluation & Onboarding

Evaluation of startups and identification of the best cooperation opportunity.

2000+ startups
350+ corporate
innovation teams
50+ acceleration

Your advantages
at a glance

  • Leveraging promising technologies or business opportunities by building-up spin-off companies.
  • Access to a pool of highly-qualified and entrepreneurial talents.
  • Out of the box thinking due to involvement of external talents and experts.
  • Advanced training for selected employees in the field of intrapreneurship and execution of business ideas.
  • Branding and positioning of your company as an innovative enterprise within new ecosystems such as the startup scene.

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Philippe Thiltges
Philippe Thiltges
Co-Founder, Business Development & Strategy