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Innovation out of the box

Our Innovation Box guides you from developing your ideas to a validated business model.

In six easy-to-follow and well-structured steps, as used by successful entrepreneurs.


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So many ideas –
but no idea where to start?

We know about the obstacles along an entrepreneur’s way. So, by guiding hundreds of corporate innovation teams and startups from their early idea to investment readiness, we developed a clear and compact six step process.

Find ideas you are passionate about
  • explore them
  • test, iterate and validate them
  • implement them into your core business

Innovate with a box,
think outside the box

No need to bury yourself in huge textbooks or binge-watch video tutorials. Learn and apply all the successful startup methodology from one box.

  • Step-by-step guidance from a simple idea to investment-readiness
  • Learn how to kick-start your ideas from one box
  • Test & validate your assumptions with the tools provided

Unbox your innovation potential

Provide your employees with the tools used by successful entrepreneurs to validate their ideas themselves. Let your employees become passionate innovators within your company.

The Innovation Box …
  • walks you through our six-step process
  • is a simple and fun way to explore ideas
  • is a perfect tool for workshops, corporate teams and startups

What’s inside?

Innovation Book

The Innovation Book provides you with advice and best-practice examples to help you understand the methodology to turn your business idea to success.

Validation Book

Testing your assumptions is the key to success. Get the tools and methods to validate your idea.


Use the 6 posters provided to collaboratively work on your idea from Customer Exploration to Business Model and Validation Board.

Working Material

It’s all taken care of: we got you post-its, color coding stickers, pens, and a little surprise.

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ISBN: 978-3950426403
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  • For workshops

    Specially made for your workshop. You‘ve been looking for a method that your teams can easily understand, covers all the successful startup methodologies and can get your teams excited about working?
    • Solid method: Developed with and for leading accelerators we have been able to build a solid and well structures process containing methods that have been proven successful. From the blue ocean strategy, to the lean methodology and business model canvas – the Innovation Box gives a holistic insight and understanding towards the various startup methodologies.
    • Easy to comprehend: The Innovation Book gives step-by-step guidance from idea to success. Clearly stated information and best-practice examples for reference are included and help to guide through the process.
    • Validation is included: A key part of the Innovation Box is an early identification and validation of hypothesis. The Validation Book will support your teams in building the right tests in order to check their hypothesis and therefore take the right steps.

  • For Startups

    The perfect box for startups: No more huge textbooks. No more guessing. It’s all in one box.
    • Treasure of knowledge: Get all the know-how you need. Clearly stated information, step-by-step guidance and best-practice examples for reference are included. They are all laid out so that you can focus on turning your idea into success.
    • Startup methodologies: Get a holistic overview on the startup methodologies and learn how to apply them.
    • Posters: The included posters don’t just look great up on the wall, but give a great overview and let you work collaboratively on your business model. Let them lead you through the process – from the problem to your solution, the business model, the competitive advantage and the validation. Putting them up will also make it easier to visualize and to comprehend the connections.

  • For Innovation Teams

    Apply startup processes within your company – without having to start a wiry implementation processes.

    Working with multiple innovation teams? – Enterprises are powerful in marketing and scaling innovations, but they often risk killing good ideas by applying the same linear development processes and governance structure from their operational business.

    . Reduction of risk: A key part of the Innovation Box is an early identification and validation of hypotheses in order to reduce risks. As a result teams reach a higher quality more quickly.

    . Tested quality: Use a solid well-structured method that was developed with leading accelerators and proven successful while working with over 600 startups and innovation teams.

    . High usability, easy adaption: It’s quick and easy to dive into work and therefore resulting in a quick adoption time with little effort.

    . Ease in management and excitement for the teams: Working in an enterprise can mean many different projects and not a lot of spare time. The Innovation Box helps to reduce the management efforts due to its integrated guidance and will get your teams actually excited about working on their ideas

  • When you are obsessed with your idea, stuck in tiny details, and convinced you product will solve AAAALLL the problems.... Then this toolbox will help you again to get an overview of what you are doing. Sort your ideas, validate guesses, and organize everything into a business plan that can work. Bring sturcture in your chaos in an easy and fund way.
    — Roland: “Organize your ideas”
  • We used the Innovation Box for an innovation workshop in my company and everyone was really thankful for the structure and process we made! It did not harm creativity and many high potential products came out of it! Definitely will use it again for the next workshop in September!
    — Christoph: “Used it for our company innovation workshop”
  • I was really surprised by the simplicity and the logical structure of the Innovation Box. It really helped us during Startup Live to form our business idea and I never wanna miss that tool again. Fully recommend it to everyone.
    — Jakob: “Tried once, never do back!”
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