Innovation Platform

Our Innovation Platform guides your teams through a validated state-of-the-art process developed together with and for leading accelerators.

Get your teams from thinking about a new business idea, the problem they’re solving, the business model and other core aspects to investment-readiness.

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State-of-the-art process

The Innovation Platform guides teams through a clearly structured six steps process to investment readiness.

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Get valuable feedback

Our collaboration group allows teams to interact, discuss and exchange ideas. Project versions can easily be shared with mentors and other users in order to get valuable feedback.

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A key element of our process is the Validation Board where all hypotheses are tested. Reduce uncertainty by defining hypotheses and build products people really need.


6 steps to success

Follow a clear and proven step-by-step process for developing your business idea.

Validation Board

Develop your business idea along side your future customers and target market by developing and testing your assumptions.

Business Model Canvas

Develop your business model online, use color coding and add details. Don't worry about post-its anymore.

Learn online

Find best practice examples, articles and helpful advice with every step.

1.777+ teams
 created a project
19.188 hypotheses
 were tested
3.251 users
 innovate like serial entrepreneurs

You're going to LOVE it

WhatAVenture strikes a great balance with their tool. On one side it offers startups to concisely cover all the basic ingredients of successfully starting up. On other side it helps their mentors or accelerators help and follow their progress. I am impressed with simplicity and quality the tool offers, best I’ve seen in this space yet. Warmly recommended for accelerators and startup programs, and companies that would like to innovate.

Alex Gvozden

Co-Founder, Legaltrek

Making life of accelerators easier since 2012

Managing multiple startups is a big challenge and can become frustrating when seeing that the same mistakes are made again and again. Having to answer multiple emails regarding the same questions inspired WhatAVenture to make the life of accelerators easier.

Virtual Guidance

Virtual mentors, clearly stated information, step-by-step guidance, and best-practice examples are included to help and guide startups through the process. Teams get insights about key success factors and advice based on their progress.

Efficient management

Teams can easily be managed with the collaboration group. You can track their progress on a dashboard and manage them even more efficiently.

Unchain your innovative potential

Enterprises are powerful in marketing and scaling innovations, but they often risk killing good ideas by applying the same linear development processes and structure from their operational business. The Innovation Platform allows you to apply startup methodology within your company by introducing a state of the art process with clearly defined and guided steps.

The Management Dashboard

It allows you to easily manage, track and oversee multiple teams. Key metrics and deadlines can be defined for each project. Improve your allocation of management resources.

Enterprise integration

Create an integrated experience by branding the Innovation Platform with your corporate design.