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Business Model Inspiration #1: Customer Satisfaction

Least Satisfied

Instead of focusing on customers who are satisfied with the status quo regarding your solution, focus on the ones who are very unhappy.

We’ve got some examples for you:


For higher customer satisfaction, Mrs.Sporty offers specially designed sports training concepts exclusively for women of all ages. This provides them with the opportunity to train in a friendly group atmosphere with a high level of assistance. At the heart of the Mrs.Sporty concept is a strong focus on setting and reaching goals. It’s not necessarily about losing weight; rather, it’s about making the body healthy, together with the soul: something that does not exist nowadays in traditional fitness centers.



The fast fashion retailer Zara sets itself apart from other fast fashion companies, such as H&M and Forever 21, by focusing on agility and flexibility, thereby offering its customers the latest fashion trends in a very timely manner. The highly integrated business model allows for a very quick response to fashion changes, reducing or increasing production as necessary, introducing new lines, etc., all of which its competitors have not been able to offer their customers.

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