MVC - Minimum Viable Company

The Minimum Viable Company

The (bumpy) road from a prototype to a profitable company.

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Make the transition from MVP to MVC

This paper is providing you with an overview of the Minimum Viable Company startup phase and its key success factors. We try to provide answers to following question:

How do you manage the transition from a validated prototype towards a functioning company moving towards break-even which is able to fulfill the promised value proposition with a positive contribution margin?

About the authors

Franziska Korn
Franziska Korn

Franziska has many years of hands-on experience in consulting DAX30/MDAX companies as well as SMEs in fields, such as Innovation Strategy, Corporate Innovation and Service Design. She has a strong international project background and a deep understanding of cross-industry requirements.

About authors

Stefan Perkmann Berger
Dr. Stefan Perkmann Berger

Stefan has more than 10 years of experience in supporting established companies to innovate. Stefan is our driving force behind our the WhatAVenture company builder and is continuously looking for opportunities to launch new ventures.

What you will learn:

  • What is meant by a Minimum Viable Company
  • The main differences between the MVP and MVC phase
  • How to manage the transition from an MVP to an MVC
  • How not to overlook the MVC phase
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