Fronius International is a leading company in the fields of welding technology, photovoltaics, and battery charging technology. They are active in over 28 countries and employ more than 3,800 people worldwide. The aim was to support their Surface Technology Team with the identification of new areas of applications and markets for an innovative technology in the area of surface treatment.


WhatAVenture supported Fronius with a qualitative method based on the incorporation of potential clients and current users in an early phase to identify their pains and needs. Through broadcasting and pyramiding, this systematic search leads to completely new areas of applications and, thus, a detailed screening of (new) markets. The results are more than 20 areas of potential applications and, further, cooperation partners for pilot projects could be identified for testing the innovative technology of Fronius.


The early incorporation of potential customers and users significantly reduces the risk to develop a product which is not suitable for the target market or to develop expensive features that may be interesting, but not relevant to the user. Furthermore, this approach supports the building of a network for business development and to identify first cooperation partners for pilot projects and thus facilitate the market entry into the identified markets. Additionally, deep insights into customer needs are acquired and help not only to select the right markets but also to identify the most successful commercialization strategy.