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What’s your innovation strategy? Are you ready for the next big thing?
Have you unlocked your potential yet?

No Innovation Strategy?

We developed a framework that helps you to come up with the right innovation strategy to reach your vision.

Stay competitive

Implement sustainable innovation processes in order to stay competitive.

For Innovation Managers and Executives

Benefit from our experience of working with more than 2,000 innovation teams.

Achieve success with a systematic approach

We all know that being innovative is crucial for survival. The expectations of our customers and partners to innovate new products and services rise increasingly. Markets are becoming more dynamic also due to the boom of new startups challenging the status quo in almost every industry. The good news is that being innovative is less about being lucky but mostly the result of repeated effort. That is why we think that companies should follow a systematic approach towards innovation to achieve long-term success.
Setting up a well-thought through innovation strategy will help you and the business units to focus on the top objectives. That makes it also easier to identify deviations and react to this.

Innovation Strategy Workshop

Innovation is everywhere and there are hundreds of approaches that might lead you to success. We developed a framework that helps you to come up with the right innovation strategy to reach your vision. Together with selected stakeholders we look at the bigger picture, define goals and analyze your status quo in order to design the perfect innovation model for you.

  • Validated workshop format
  • Learn from best practice examples
  • Works with all verticals
  • Minimize risk by counting on established innovation models
  • Benefit from our experience of working with more than 2,000 innovation teams.
  • Build scalable and repeatable innovation processes

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The process

6 steps to develop your innovation strategy

1. Vision & Goals

Every innovation strategy has to build on the vision of the company. Only the goals that will bring you closer to this vision are important. The innovation values and character of the company set the framework for the right innovation strategy. Having the same understanding and vision will give you guideline and priority when you need to decide on further actions.

  • Define your vision
  • Define SMART goals
  • Explore your values and key strengths
  • Lay the groundwork for a successful future

2. Stakeholders

Getting the right people on the train and allocating resources are one of the biggest challenges for innovation projects. In order to overcome pitfalls it is very important to involve decision makers and business unit leaders in the program selection early on.  How relevant are certain players for success and are they willing to support you?

  • Define internal and external stakeholders
  • Find your promoters
  • Get the resources
  • Count on important partners (startups, universities, …)
  • Interview your stakeholders to define their needs and expectations

3. Innovation Portfolio

We know that successful companies follow a well-balanced portfolio between incremental and disruptive innovations. However, many companies fail in doing so and typically focus on incremental innovation or R&D activities. Changing your logo or font type sometimes won’t do the trick.

  • Incremental Innovation
  • Radical Innovation
  • Enabling technology
  • Positioning

4. Innovation Readiness

An innovation process has many opportunities and hurdles that might cause you to stumble. Are you constantly looking for trends in your market, are you able to pick the best ideas from your employees, do you have a structured process to build pilot projects and successfully launch them? Look at all the steps necessary and learn from best practice examples.

  • Evaluate your innovation life cycle
  • Find weak spots and strengths
  • Learn from best practice examples
  • Rate your status quo
  • Derive actionable tasks

5. Innovation Activities

You know what goals you want to achieve, what people you have to get on board and estimated whether you are an expert or rookie in the huge playing field of innovation. Now it’s time to design the first pilot projects and your innovation activities. Depending on your overall goals and status quo there are multiple options: Startup Cooperation, Open Innovation, Intrapreneurship, …

  • Innovation Model Catalogue
  • It’s a match! We have the right business model for your company
  • Plan operative steps
  • Get your hands dirty

6. Resource Planning

What is the ROI of your innovation activities? A question that we sometimes forget to ask while dreaming of the next big thing or unicorns. Make sure that your innovation activities fit with your budget and resources.

  • Prioritize your activities
  • Plan your budget & resources
  • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Measure the success
  • Repeat activities that pay off

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Strategy Box & Introduction

Get to know our Innovation Strategy Box and start creating your competitive advantage.

  • 2h Introduction
  • Learn the approach
  • Get the right tool for your strategy
  • Implement it into your company
  • Innovation Strategy Box included

490 €

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Innovation Readiness Check

Is your company ready for innovation? Evaluate your status quo and find out which innovation models and activities suit your needs.

  • 1 day workshop
  • Align your vision, goals, and values
  • Assess your innovation readiness
  • Plan your stakeholder management
  • Innovation Strategy Box included

3,750 €

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Executive Innovation Strategy Workshop

Individual workshop format adapted to your company’s needs to win your management board for your innovation activities.

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Accompanied by our Innovation Strategy Box
  • Cross-Industrial Innovation Approaches
  • Get a holistic understanding
  • Learn from best practice models
  • Craft your innovation activities and get things done
  • Tailored to needs and expectations of C-Level participants

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