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Startups, SMEs, and technology providers wanted! Enter a partnership with the world’s minerals leader Imerys. Join the Collaboration program and revolutionize the minerals industry with us.

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Imerys is one of the world’s largest industrial minerals (or: specialty materials) providers with customers in 40+ countries in diverse industries, such as construction, food & beverage, automotive, and others.

Imerys’ vision is to accelerate the minerals business’ transition into a circular economy by adapting leading recycling technologies, and circular business models. Together with you – startups, SMEs, and technology providers – Imerys wants to provide breakthrough solutions for the myriad various industries using industrial minerals. Help Imerys shape the future, and benefit from the leader’s global operations, resources, and market access to grow your business.

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until 28th February 2023

Imerys HQ, Paris, France (optional remote)

Travel and accommodation costs covered

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Our collaboration cases

Energy efficiency

Smart packaging

Smart water management

Entry criteria

Who we are looking for?


working on innovative technologies who want to scale their business and take it to the next level.


with products, expertise and in-depth knowledge who want to collaborate with an experienced partner.

Technical providers

including tech providers, universities and research groups with innovative solutions who want to apply their research.

Who is it for

We are looking for innovative solutions

Together with startups, scaleups and strategic partners, we want to provide breakthrough solutions in sectors such as future mobility, circular economy, sustainable fuels, and beyond. Solutions can be technical, digital or material and we're scouting for trends and opportunities all the time.

Help us shape the future, and benefit from OMV’s global operations, resources, and market access to grow your business.

“Bringing these two cultures together between startups and bigger companies can create quite a lot of potential. This is what we are trying to do here.”

Max Ditzel

CEO, Whataventure


What’s in it for you if you join the challenge?

Proof-of-concept budget

Receive a budget to develop a Proof-of-Concept project in collaboration with Imerys’s experts.

Structured process and fast decision-making

Benefit from top management involvement regarding the implementation of your solution.

Large customer base and resources

Apply, test and develop your product within Imerys' vast group network and local partners.

Strong and dedicated partner

Enter a partnership with a successful and experienced industry leader, dedicated to innovation.

Expert mentoring

Learn directly from our experts, get access to our network & infrastructure, and work with us on an eye-to-eye level.

Investment from an industry leader

Further cooperation could include an equity exchange, depending on the final results.

Energy efficiency

Low energy formulation processes

Innovative solutions that reduce the CO2 footprint, replacing energy- intensive processes to increase efficiency.

Energy efficiency, alternative energies, carbon footprint reduction

Innovative grinding, drying, or high-speed firing technologies

Process optimization, data analysis, machine learning, innovative sensors

Smart packaging

Smart packaging to reduce food waste

Innovative solutions that use minerals for intelligent packaging, to extend the shelf life of food or reduce waste.

Smart/intelligent/digital/reactive packaging

Recyclable packaging

Ethylene, acids or oxygen scavenging

Absorbing and adsorbing effect

Slow/controlled release

Smart water management

Water treatment and dry formulation processes

Innovative solutions that can remove contaminants in water and replace wet processes with dry processes to reduce water consumption.

Closed water loop system

Dewatering (high pressure central frugal computation, piston, membrane), dry grinding

Adsorption minerals (bentonites and smectites), surface modified minerals, charge modified minerals


Key dates
of the program

February 28th 2023
Deadline for applications

We close the applications for the challenge at 11 PM (CEST). Following the application deadline, all entries will be evaluated based on merit.

March 2023
Remote pitches

The participants with the best solution proposals will be invited to remote pitches with Imerys managers and experts to discuss their technology, and provide an overview of a business model.

April 2023
Innovation Camp

2-day event for selected partners to set the basis for collaboration. The jury then decides which projects will go forward.

May-October 2023
Proof-of-Concept phase

Validation experiments run with selected partners to validate the desirability, viability and feasibility of designed collaboration projects. Further on-demand topic-specific workshops.

Demo Day

1-day event for the presentation of the results and learnings generated during the Proof-of-Concept phase. The jury will then decide which projects will enter into a long-term collaboration with Imerys.

“Bringing these two cultures together between startups and bigger companies can create quite a lot of potential. This is what we are trying to do here.”

Max Ditzel

CEO, Whataventure

Meet the jury

Nina Marczell
VP Aviation, Fuel Distributors & Public Sector
Bernhard Beyer
VP Digital Transformation & Projects
Wanyu Sheng-Kara
Team Lead Product & Service Portfolio
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Join the Imerys Collaboration program and partner with the world’s minerals leader!

Grow your business with the help of Imerys’ resources and markets, exchange ideas, and discuss potential long-term cooperation.

Still have questions?

We’ve got you covered.

What is the working language?  

‍Workshop input, documentation, and pitches will be held inEnglish. While working in your team: if 100% of your team members preferGerman, French, or any other language spoken within your team, that is not a problem!

Is transportation and accommodation covered?

Yes, reasonable travel expenses (transportation to and from France, accommodation for non-residents) will be reimbursed following Imerys’ travel expenses rules (train, flight economy, taxi/rental car/own car if necessary).

What happens if I can’t travel to France for the program?

If traveling is possible (depending on COVID-19 travel restrictions), it is mandatory to attend the Innovation Camp, Kick-Off Workshop, and Demo Day at the end of the program (if you are among the selected participants). The mentioned events are planned to take place in Paris, France.Depending on the team, there are also 2-3 on-site workshops during the Proof-of-Concept phase.

We are constantly re-evaluating the COVID-19 situation. If traveling is not possible due COVID-19, we will facilitate the workshops and events for the program remotely.

How can I apply for this program?

Fill out the application form and provide us with the core information about your company (it takes approximately 15 minutes to present and register your application). If we require further information, we will contact you for a personal interview.The admission deadline is 28th October 2022, 23:59 CET.

What happens after my application?

Best-in-class participants will be invited for an online interview (remote pitch) with our team, top managers, and experts from Imerys to discuss their business model, technology, and growth ambitions. Successful candidates will then be invited to the Innovation Camp. The selected participants will enter the Proof-of-Concept phase and pitch at the final event(Demo Day) in front of the top management of Imerys. Successful teams will then be given the chance to enter a cooperation with Imerys.

How does this selection process work?

The applications call is open until 28th February 2022, and all applications will be reviewed in the following weeks after closing. After rating all applications, you will get a notification in case you are among the top selected participants who are invited to present their ideas within a remote pitching session.

What happens in the remote pitching session?

Top selected participants are invited to present theirbusiness ideas in an online interview to our team, top managers, and expertsfrom Imerys. You will have 5 minutes to pitch your solution, followed by ashort question-answer round. Remote pitches will be held in March. Successfulcandidates will then be invited to the Innovation Camp.

What is the Innovation Camp?

It’s a 2-day workshop, where you will jointly work with experts and top management from Imerys to:

1. Identify open and critical questions
2. Find a match between your capabilities and the requirements of Imerys 3. Get a clear common understanding of the next steps: field trials,     Proof-of-Concept Roadmap incl. budget, marketing scenarios, business case

A jury pitch at the end of the day will set the definite participants of the Proof-of-Concept phase.

Are the transportation and accommodation covered for the Innovation Camp?

Travel expenses are covered for up to 2 team members.Accommodation, including breakfast, is covered as well. Lunch and dinner willbe provided at the event.

Who decides on participation in the Proof-of-Concept phase?

During the Proof-of-Concept phase, the goal is to validate the proposal/hypotheses, run pilots and field trials, and develop a business case. You don’t have to be present the whole time in France and can work remotely on the project. However, there will be three workshops during these four months, where you will most likely have to travel to France.(Exceptions can be discussed).

What does the budget during the Proof-of-Concept phase include, and how big is it?

Budget for testing, field trials, and prototyping foreseen(amount depending on project scope, subject to negotiations). Travel costs are subsidized.

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