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Young Entrepreneur Planning Startup Scouting Cheat sheet

Startup Scouting

Find the right startups, technologies, investment opportunities and trends relevant to your innovation goal.s.

Scouting World

Corporate-Startup Collaboration

We believe in the combination of startup agility and corporate power. Startups need infrastructure, access to markets and know-how, while corporates need new products and services to stay competitive. We find the perfect startups in your search field.

  • Large startup database
  • 3,000+ applications worldwide
  • Huge network of multipliers
  • All verticals & industries

The global call for your brand

1. Identification
2. Scouting
3. Evaluation
4. Selection

We have access to all major global startup databases and generate a list of startups that fit your search criteria. Those startups will be contacted so that they can apply for your hackathon, acceleration program or event.

  • Reaching out to thousands of startups matching your criteria
  • We set up a validated application process for you
  • Creating highly converting landing pages for your program
  • We know which benefits attract startups
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Startup Scouting Cheat Sheet

Startup Scouting Like A Pro

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    Our Process

    We’ve been doing startup scouting for years and we’ve developed a validated process that can be easily adapted to any situation.


    • Setting targets
    • Search fields & Keywords
    • Landing Page
    • Feedback Loop


    • Identification of high-quality startups
    • Global outreach
    • Communication
    • Multi-Channel Campaign


    • Remote pitches
    • Selection of top applications
    • Invitation to the main (online) event

    (Online) Event

    • Demo Day
    • Connecting startups with business units
    • Building teams
    • Creating pilot projects

    Just need a list of startups?

    Whether you are trying to find new startups for a general application or for new investment opportunities, we can find the perfect startups for your search field. Tell us what you need and we give you a list.

    • Large startup database
    • All technologies
    • All stages
    • All verticals & industries

    Some of our awesome projects

    Revolutionizing the energy sector: Alperia Startup Factory

    Startup Factory and scout startups with revolutionizing solutions for the energy industry

    140 startup applications from all over the world

    Two innovation projects have emerged from the program

    Connected Mobility & AgTech Hackathon: Collaboration with a family business in agriculture engineering

    110 startup applications from 37 countries for Agriculture Technologies.

    2 startups are now working with PÖTTINGER on three different Proof of Concepts.

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