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Team Building & Idea Generation

It is a well-established fact that in order to create a successful innovation team & startup you need to have three things: product, market and team.

Healthy and well-orchestrated teams work in an empowered way, creating synergies while removing constraints and promote leaner structures that foster flexibility and responsiveness to change. All that is the very basis to turn their venture and your organization into a success.
In our innovation camps and workshops we build teams around ideas and kick-off startup collaboration and intrapreneurship teams with working prototypes. After the validation of the idea we have the assessment of individual personalities as well as team-collaboration. This becomes an integral part of our process, starting from the idea up to investment readiness.

We combine validated tools from the fields of psychology and business to enable intrapreneurs to

  • find their individual roles and responsibilities (personally and technically)
  • becoming aware of their strengths (and weaknesses)
  • set actionable expectations
  • define common values
  • create a common roadmap and vision for the project
  • and provide them with a playbook of hands-on suggestions and guidelines

Because only then we can really identify and select the right mix of key profiles your (corporate) startup needs to turn their ideas into success.

The Innovation Camp

The first setting in which teams typically come together is the innovation camp representing a key element in creating and validating business ideas. Either starting with an ideation process or working with a set team, the goal is to validate a certain idea, increase productivity and achieve detailed results.

Participants can expect a varied program of inspiration and methods to identify and develop new business ideas during the course of three days. Around 60-80 attendees can participate and are split into interdisciplinary teams to start mapping out concepts, as well as implementing ideas. The teams will go through steps such as customer exploration, solution development, business modeling and rapid prototyping and typically work with the WhatAVenture Innovation Box. A pitch at the end of the workshop already defines which ideas will then be implemented.

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