Validation as a Service

We explore needs and test products.

90% of new
products & services fail

What we all know is that developing new products and services is tough and there is a very high chance to fail (90%+).

There are many things we can improve in the process of developing new products and services. What we know by guiding hundreds of teams through that process is that the systematic and fast validation of your most critical hypotheses is what matters most e.g.

  • Identifying the right customer group
  • Identifying the highest pains
  • Validating the benefit of your solution

The risk is not about failing (as long as you fail fast) but failing big by investing a significant amount of time and money by building something nobody wants.

There are many ways in which you can validate critical hypotheses. To provide the most insights for you.

The three levels of validation

and the wide range of methods & technologies we offer

Problem Validation

Validate whether you customers really have the pains/needs you identified.

  • In-depth interviews
  • Customer observation
  • Social media campaigns

Problem-Solution Fit

Validate whether you are able to deliver the value you propose to your customers.

  • 3D prints
  • Landing Page Prototypes
  • Neuroscience & biometry

Product-Market Fit

Validate whether you are able to deliver the value you propose in a scalable and sustainable way.

  • Data measurement
  • Analysis

How does the validation process works?

Step 1: Preparation Workshop

First we need to understand your status quo and the most critical hypotheses that need to be tested. This we do by organizing a half day to one day. Based on the hypotheses, time resources, and budget we select the appropriate validation method and the roadmap to collect data.

Step 2: Validation Process

The process depends on the hypotheses to validate and the chosen validation method. It ranges from a couple of days to some weeks. The goal of this process is to collect reliable data and process it in order to validate or invalidate your hypotheses.

Step 3: Result Presentation

We take the results, aggregate them in a final report, and present them to your team. Our goal is to support you in taking the right decision in developing solutions based on real customer data.

Validation Special

Hotel Exhibition Image

Your Validation Lab at the Hotel Exhibition

What do we do?

We build-up a temporary validation lab at the exhibition HOTEL. We expose your product and service to an a priori defined target group. Next, we have your target group running through a systematic process to engage with your product and service and collect fresh data to provide answers for your most critical hypotheses.

Why the exhibition Hotel?

It is one of the most successful exhibitions in the hotel industry. There are more than 20.000 professionals visiting the exhibition to find out about news in the industry and solutions to their current challenges. The HOTEL covers the full spectrum of products, services, equipment, and technologies for the hotel and food sector and offers an overview of the latest trends in this industry. The exhibition is a must for all companies that want to present their products to the hotel and food market in South Tyrol and Trentino and therefore establish highly valuable contacts.

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