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by Antonia Matjacic • April 9, 2019

Die Kompetenzwerkstatt ist ein Berufsbildungskonzept für Ausbildungspersonal und Lehrkräfte. Mithilfe der Kompetenzwerkstatt lassen sich Ausbildung, Fortbildung und Unterricht arbeitsprozessorientiert, kompetenzfördernd und digital gestützt planen, durchführen und überprüfen. Dabei lässt sich das Konzept im gesamten Bereich der gewerblich-technischen Berufsbildung einsetzten – in der Berufsvorbereiten, in der Erstausbildung und in der Weiterbildung.

Social Virtual Learning

by Antonia Matjacic • April 9, 2019

Im Fokus des Projektes steht gemeinsames Lernen in der virtuellen Realität mit sozialen Medien am Beispiel der Druck- und Medienbranche: Durch über 3D-Modelle exakt nachgebildete Druckmaschinen und den Einsatz der VR-Brillen wird es ermöglicht, direkt im virtuellen Raum zu agieren und zweckgebundene Erfahrungen zu machen.

kfz4me Logo


by alex • March 5, 2019

Kfz4me integriert digitale Medien so in den Ausbildungsprozess, indem qualitätgeprüfte Erklärvideos im Rahmen von handlungsorientierten Lernsituationen entwickelt werden. So wird beispielsweise die Bedienung einer speziellen Maschine oder die Dokumentation eines Instandhaltungsprozess per Video aufgenommen und als Open Ressource auf YouTube im Modus des “Flipped Classroom” zur Verfügung gestellt.

by Alexander • August 10, 2018

A digital marketplace specialized in Hospitality Technology: an original project realized by passionate people. We help hoteliers to find the right hospitality software and vendors to find the right customer. In just few clicks.

room raccoon


by Alexander • August 10, 2018

RoomRaccoon offers an all-in-one hotel management solution (PMS, Channel Manager and Booking Engine). We are created by and for the independent hotelier and focus on properties up till 50 rooms. With our young and innovative spirit, we are looking to disrupt the European market.

besafe rate

Besafe Rate

by Alexander • August 10, 2018

Be Safe Group is the company that devised Besafe Rate, the insured hotel rate to choose from the ones already available on the hotel’s official website. BSR safeguards hoteliers from issues caused by basic non-refundable rates and keeps tourists safe: all within the same rate, without having to flag, be redirected to a website or […]



by Alexander • August 10, 2018

PAYUCA provides flexible access to parking spaces in private office & residential buildings and opens up a completely new resource for public parking. Car drivers can choose for how long they want to stay in any given garage – hours or even weeks. PAYUCA has developed an innovative gateway system that is installed in each […]


Full Balance

by Alexander • August 10, 2018

Through our concept your guests will learn more about their bodies superpower – the natural self-healing power. We create unique foot (reflexology) massage products out of natural resources such as pine-wood, natural stones and tiles. With our patented foot path, you can stimulate specific foot reflexology points to rejuvenate effectively and to activate your natural […]



by Alexander • August 10, 2018

Orderlion connects hotels and gastronomy with all their suppliers on one central purchasing platform. Hotels from small to big chains love the simplicity and how it efficiently disrupts the purchasing process.



by Alexander • August 10, 2018

Kapamo focuses on conversational user interface (CUI): chatbot and “voice first” interfaces. Our team has designed and developed CUI for Telecom Italia, EXPO2015, bTicino-Legrand and other companies. Kapamo’s CUIs reach the users “where they are”, with instant messaging channels, the web, mobile apps and smart speakers. Kapamo has also developed a proprietary CUI platform. Our […]