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by Alexander • June 4, 2018

ProGlove is a smart glove that enables manufacturing and logistics staff to work faster, safer and easier. Process steps can be documented handsfree and the smart glove gives instant feedback to its user. Therefore, ergonomics, efficiency and quality can be improved.


by Alexander • June 4, 2018

Die wirksame Schulungsmethode aus den Alpen ist inzwischen weltweit erfolgreich im Einsatz. Entwickelt wurde sie von den Gründern von KnowledgeFox. Mittlerweile ist KnowledgeFox auf 4 Kontinenten und in 23 Ländern vertreten. Die mobile App spricht 12 Sprachen und zählt mehr als 150.000 Anwender. Dank wissenschaftlich fundierter Lernmethodik verbessert KnowledgeFox den Praxistransfer und steigert den Erfolg […]


by Alexander • June 4, 2018

Capte is an IOT platform including inhouse developed hardware, software and connectivity. Our hardware can be installed in any kind of vehicle or other asset: bus, truck, crane excavator to get the data from onboard computer or external sensors to save the costs of operation and maintenance and provide additional services to third parties.


by Alexander • June 4, 2018

Butleroy is an Austrian startup that automates scheduling through an artificially intelligent digital butler. Butleroy finds time for activities, reminders, to-dos and also appointments between customers and companies. It considers the calendar of all participants, as well as external factors such as social media, weather information or traffic. With that information, it finds the best […]


by Alexander • June 4, 2018

VIZARIO by is a framework for Augmented Reality based collaboration and problem solving, targeting maintenance use cases in industry and future AR-ready eyewear (e.g. Hololens). VIZARIO is cross-platform and has support for real-time Audio/Video, 3D model visualization and documentation. No more travel for maintenance personnel, reduction in machine downtime, improvement of service quality.


by Alexander • June 4, 2018

Areeka offers a new way for discovering classical books. We connect the physical and the digital world by unsing Augmented Reality. The key for sustainable learning is to combine the three most important learning types (visual, auditive and haptic). And this is what Areeka does in one App!  

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by Alexander • April 13, 2018

A network of citrus fruits and its processed products (marmalades, honey, juices, liquor). Deliver freshly picked fruits to final customers in the shortest time period. Special attention to the excellence of our products at all stages, cultivation to selling. Guarantee for the quality, freshness and organic character of all our products. Processed products-handmade, no preservatives, […]

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by Alexander • April 13, 2018

flowtify is a tablet cloud application for HACCP & QM process optimization based on EU regulation 852/2004 for the food service industry. In the event of any abnormalities notifications can be sent automatically to relevant people. The flow of information thus shortens from what was previously several days or even weeks to a few seconds. […]

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by Alexander • April 13, 2018

We are a young motivated team with the aim to empower our customers with object tracking solutions using machine learning. Our computer vision system differentiates, counts and tracks items. Single matches can be assigned to owners in order to automate and facilitate billing and controlling. We use proprietary methods for deep- and machine learning on […]

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by Alexander • April 12, 2018

Since 2015 we develop and sell the world ́s most innovative touch tables that are used worldwide for app marketing, customer service and in the creative industries. At the moment we are on the verge to enter the homes of million people.