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We love innovation!

We are a team of innovation experts. Passionate about new technologies and trends, we are eager to change the world. We have an entrepreneurial mindset and love to get our hands dirty.

Stefan Perkmann Berger
Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Dr. Stefan Perkmann Berger

Stefan has more than 10 years of experience in supporting established companies to innovate. He believes in a hands on attitude and supported numerous teams in bringing their ideas to success. Stefan is our driving force behind our the WhatAVenture company builder and is continuously looking for opportunities to launch new ventures.

Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Philippe Thiltges

Besides being Co-Founder and CEO of WhatAVenture, Philippe founded 3 more companies and supported the setup of numerous corporate spin-offs. During the last years Philippe shaped the innovation landscape especially in the DACH region. He supported more than a 100 companies in developing and implementing sustainable innovation structures that create success with innovation.

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing
Alexander Streihammer

Alexander’s passion is building innovative products and making them fly. As a serial entrepreneur, he knows by heart how to validate and invalidate ideas. Our head of marketing has over 12 years of international experience in marketing and branding. He creates prototypes within hours, draws the right conclusions and builds amazing brands that sell.

Norbert Kraihamer
Managing Partner Company Building
Norbert Kraihamer

With 35 years of experience in creating and developing successful companies and brands within the sports-, energy- as well as food & drinks business sectors, Norbert represents solid business development understanding, combined with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. His main interest in joining WhatAVenture Company Building lies in working on a day to day base with a young, creative team on visionary products and services, that should not only generate revenue but also take into account social responsibility quite in general.

Max Ditzel

Through his track record of designing and implementing innovation strategies at over 20 different companies as well as guiding more than 200 innovation projects, Max enables our team to realize customers’ success with innovation. His passion of challenging the status quo is a continuous driver for the involvement of his surroundings.

Franziska Korn
Franziska Abare-Korn

Franziska has long years of hands-on experience in consulting DAX30 / MDAX companies as well as SMEs in her field of expertise, namely: Innovation Strategy, Corporate Innovation and Service Design. She has a strong international project background and a deep understanding of cross-industry requirements. Additionally Franziska has a passion for leading and implementing innovative flagship projects against all odds, never loosing the big strategic picture out of sight.

Stefan Peintner, MSc. MScBA.

Stefan focuses on innovation strategy as well as development and implementation of new business models. He has a strong academic background in Innovation Management as well as profound consulting experience. His unique skillset combines an entrepreneurial mindset with a deep understanding of the corporate world and cross-industry experience.

Manager, Head of Business Development
Martina Egger

Martina is our Go2market expert and supported numerous (innovation) teams to get their first paying customers and establish a sustainable sales process. Being at the heart of winning the first clients for a new venture, Martina develops innovative business models that ensure long term success and customer engagement. With her finance background Martina enhances our VC team.

Farid Edrisian
Managing Partner Pixofarm
Farid Edrisian

Farid’s wide repertoire ranges from managing corporate innovations to business development, which empowers him to see the big picture. Knowing both corporate and startup world and thanks to his intercultural awareness, Farid is able to connect the dots and unlock new opportunities for our clients.

Project Manager
Federica Succio

Federica develops Company Building projects. Knowing what the main implications of start-up projects are and with her academic background in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, she can bring significant contribution to corporate innovation as well. With a hands-on and can-do personality, she brings a positive attitude to all her projects.

Head of Business Development GLEAM
Eva-Maria Weidenthaler, Msc.

Eva-Maria has an international and diverse background in the FMCG, mobility, media, financial & tourism industry. She built up several teams at Startups and Scale-ups, including the setup of their sales structures in the BeNeLux and DACH Area, like TravelBird and markta. She knows what it is like to do business development from scratch. She believes with the right team you are already halfway to achieve your goals. 

Aron Berlingen
Senior Innovator
Aron Berlingen

For he is a critical thinker, you might respect him for challenging your ideas, but you will absolutely love him for stimulating new ones. Besides his long years of experience in brand consulting, Aron holds the firm conviction that bringing a new business to life needs a holistic methodical approach. His curious personality and non-conformist mindset will guide your innovation endeavors to life.

Digital Marketing Expert
Petra Paraschiv, MSc.

Petra has an international background in digital marketing and diverse experience ranging from a Romanian analytics company, a Danish startup to a Viennese venture and NGO. She is an expert in effectively using the broad marketing spectrum to foster the value innovative businesses create for their customers.

Project Manager
Dominik Kraihamer, MSc. (WU)

Dominik is a hands-on Company Building expert. Not at last due to his past of an international professional sportsman career, he chases his goals no matter what it takes. He’s extremely passionate about starting new adventures, is experienced in building up projects from scratch and thereby has no problems with acting out of his comfort zone.

Head of HR
Julia Stöckl, LL.M.

Julia’s focus is on the growth and development of the team and therefore she works in close cooperation with the Management team. Her background in law gives her the opportunity to ensure that HR processes run smoothly and are constantly developed. Julia is leading the recruiting process and is the first contact for innovative talents.

Philipp Klar

With his background in professional sports, Philipp is always looking for new challenges and opportunities. In his studies, he focused on international marketing and eBusiness while becoming passionate about innovation. With his results-oriented mindset and hands-on mentality, Philipp helps our clients achieve long-term success in various innovation projects.

Karyna Hornostai

Karyna is our hands-on sales and marketing expert. She has a proven track record of winning clients in innovation projects during their early Go2Market phase. She has also developed and executed marketing campaigns for both newly founded ventures and Fortune 200 companies. Her speed of operation always pushes teams to accelerate faster.

Veljko Zdravkovic
Digital innovation and growth expert
Veljko Zdravkovic

Veljko uses his curiosity and hands on approach to take a business idea from zero to hero. Apart from his entrepreneurial attitude, he also brings the skills to deliver, whether coding up an MVP or managing an agile growth process, Veljko leverages technology and creative marketing to achieve exponential growth.

Nadine Begic, MSc.

Nadine is all about combining the two worlds of human behavior and innovation. Previously, she gained experience in the mobility industry in Germany and California, which further encouraged her open, communicative, and curious nature. Lastly, having worked as a Behavioral Designer, she gets people to adapt to new ideas and drives them to complete success.

Alex Oberegger
Alex Oberegger

Having founded, co-founded and managed several start-ups, companies and ventures, Alex uses his expertise in implementing new business models, developing new products and his entrepreneurial passion to transform new ideas into promising companies. His practical and wide-ranging know-how in the marketing of B2C, B2B and B2G products helps him to achieve rapid growth for innovative products and to build successful companies.

Eva Zingerle
Senior Innovator
Eva Zingerle, M.A.

Eva drives innovation with her know-how on developing lean MVPs, validation and process innovation. Before joining WhatAVenture Eva drove forward a 7-digit budget-project at the world’s leading insurer to establish an innovative ecosystem for the customer’s home. Previously she successfully led a tax consultancy with her hands-on and entrepreneurial mindset.

Thomas Schragner

After seven years of experience with a tax consultant, Thomas has an excellent understanding of numbers and brings a lot of know-how to the team. He manages the accounting of WhatAVenture and its company building projects to keep finances up-to-date. In addition to accounting, he supports the back office to ensure that all processes run smoothly and without obstacles.

UX/UI Designer
Lisa-Maria Schlair

With her motivated energy, Lisa-Maria always strives to create appealing interface designs, clear wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes for our clients. Thanks to numerous independently developed design projects, she immediately identifies customer needs and realizes them with enthusiasm.

Manuel Jäger

Manuel specialized in innovation management to assist companies on their way to a successful, green future. When he’s not co-creating new ideas or ventures with our team, you can probably spot him exploring the latest tech gadgets out there. Next to his studies, Manuel gained valuable experience in the consulting and automotive sectors.

Felix Billiani
Business Development Gleam
Felix Billiani

During studying agricultural sciences in Vienna, Felix founded a Startup and quickly learned about the obstacles, an entrepreneur must overcome. His passion for communication, product development and innovation always leads him to new ideas, fascinating people and connections between different projects.

Katharina Jaschinsky
Innovator at GLEAM
Katharina Jaschinsky

Having specialized in Entrepreneurship and Innovation as well as Business Training in her studies, Katharina supports company building projects wherever she can. She is highly motivated to generate growth for sustainable projects and therefore engages in Marketing and Sales projects of GLEAM. In the meantime, she is setting up the Customer Service and aftersales structures for GLEAM.

Franz Hinterkörner, MSc.

Having worked for international startups in Fintech & Communications, Franz always enjoys a good challenge and has a passion for building stuff from scratch. With his diverse skillset, curiosity, and ownership mentality, he supports our Venture Architecture team to drive complex projects and get things done.

Maximilian Rubner
Maximilan Rubner

Having worked for international corporates in the retail and construction industry, Max is supporting the team with additional industry know-how and an entrepreneurial mindset. Together with the team, he is providing the right tools and advice for our customers to turn ideas into successful innovations.

Rebecca Baranow

Having specialized in International Marketing in her studies, Rebecca supports the marketing team with portfolio companies and various other projects. Her passion for customer communication, sustainability and innovation are huge drivers in her daily work, which is also why she engages in the marketing projects of Pixofarm.

Andreas Müller

Andy is our go-to guy when it comes to telling visual stories and bringing pictures to life. Having a background as an artist and currently finalizing his Marketing- & Salesmanagement studies, he begins his professional journey with WhatAVenture. With his passion for the camera, the self-taught video creator lets his work speak for him.

Anna Spögler

Already during her studies, where she focused on Product Lifecycle Management, Anna gained insights into various areas of business. Today her diverse work experiences in the fields of Public Relations, Hospitality Management and Innovation, create relevant synergies. With her determined and energetic personality and open-minded attitude she quickly adapts to dynamic environments and is a great asset to all projects.

Business Development Pixofarm
Georg-Peter Karner

Georg uses his background in business and natural science to offer combined viewpoints and analysis on various challenges in building a company. In his honorary capacity as a rowing coach and former competitor he values a goal oriented approach to all things that matter in business and in life. Out-of-the-box innovative thinking and team spirit round out his curious mindset.

Innovator at GLEAM
Julia Kainrath

With her positive spirit and motivation, she knows how to move projects forward. To make projects a success she is going places and putting in all her energy and heart. Having studied “Sports-, Culture- and Event-Management”, Julia knows how to be flexible and turn projects into real adventures. Within the Marketing field she can act out her creativity and passion for communication worldwide.

Advisory Board

Masha Ibeschitz
Executive Coaching Expert
Mag. Masha Ibeschitz

Masha is a leading international expert in coaching executives and running large-scale leadership programs. With her expertise, we make sure that our leadership programs will have a strong impact on your innovation capability.

Mobility and Automotive Expert
DI Alexander Rauscher

Alexander’s leadership and business development expertise results from 15 years of business consultancy. He coaches WhatAVenture mainly in developing outstanding teams and gaining further corporate growth.


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