29 business model strategies to inspire you

Uncertain situations require more strategic thinking and choosing the right business model can be a game-changer. To get you inspired, we put together a list of 29 business models, with examples of successful companies from all industries using them.

What you’ll find inside

Check out our easy to read resource that includes:

  • 29 famous proven business models from all industries and verticals
  • Examples of companies that successfully used the business models
  • Proven inspiration on how to innovate like a serial entrepreneur and to keep your business stable
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WhatAVenture is a worldwide operating innovation consulting firm. We guide new business ideas to success. The focus of our work is the combination of corporate power with startup agility. Our proven methods enable intrapreneurs to quickly validate and implement their business ideas. WhatAVenture serves both as a sparring partner for CEOs and innovation managers in creating an innovation culture, as well as an external team for the execution of new business ideas.

Our client base ranges from energy suppliers, banks, automotive and transportation companies, to aid organizations and international universities.

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