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5 Steps to Successfully Collaborate with Startups

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The digital disruption and acceleration of markets, customers and companies accordingly calls for new approaches in creating future technologies and business models. One party alone will find it more and more difficult to address all of the challenges. This is why Co-Innovation programs with strong focus on Co-Creation and ‘Joint Value Propositions’ are so valuable. They will bring together collective actors and thinkers in an effort to broaden the innovation-value-chain to address these fast moving collective challenges.
Thomas R. Werner

Thomas R. Werner

Director, Cisco EIR
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Young companies or new businesses are the future job growth engine. It’s about time corporations take notice of the value entrepreneurs or startups can bring larger companies. Entrepreneurs hold the key to spark the innovation that corporations lack.
Dr. Thomas Funke

Dr. Thomas Funke

Head of the entrepreneurship and innovation department of RKW, think tank of the German Federal Ministry for Economics,

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The collaboration of corporates and startups has a great potential to help corporates stay competitive and help startups to grow and flourish. However, the success of such initiatives is highly dependent on the commitment of the top management and excellence in execution by the innovation functions. Clear and transparent goals and a thought through methodology are imperative for success.
Heinrich Schmid-Schmidsfelden

Heinrich Schmid-Schmidsfelden

Innovationsmanagement, Kapsch
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