We drive change by guiding business ideas to success

We are WhatAVenture

We are an international innovation consulting firm with headquarters in Vienna. We are a team of innovation experts who believe in the combination of corporate power with startup agility. Intrapreneurship is our passion. We live for new ideas, technologies and want to enable innovators to see their ideas come to life.

We are your co-founders, your sparring partner or a shoulder you can lean on when you just invalidated a critical hypothesis. Step-by-step we guide you to the successful launch of the idea that has been keeping you awake at night for too long.

Our fail, learn, iterate story

WhatAVenture has been shaping Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation for more than 7 years. Co-Founder and managing director Dr. Stefan Perkmann Berger taught at the institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and wrote his dissertation on “Open Innovation”. Together with his colleagues he founded the first multi-university startup program called “WU Garage”. After numerous feedback sessions and repeating the same advice over and over again, the idea for WhatAVenture was born: Systematically prevent startups and innovation teams from making the same mistakes by developing an online platform that guides entrepreneurs through the process.

Originally the online platform was targeted at startups, and sooner or later found the attraction of big corporates, which needed holistic innovation consulting and guidance. In the last couple of years, WhatAVenture has grown to one of the leading innovation companies in Europe.

The DNA of WhatAVenture

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We are entrepreneurs. We are run by ideas and know how to turn business ideas into success. We are well-connected in the startup world and use Silicon Valley methods to develop startups and new business opportunities for corporates.


You could spend hours to theoretically think about an idea, write a 400-page business plan and just stay in your comfort zone in a cozy office chair. We want to produce results and focus our resources and time on things that really matter. We want ideas to come to life and to change the world.

We know corporates

We have worked for small, big and huge corporates in different verticals.  We speak the corporate language and know what it takes to get all the decision makers and supporters on the innovation speed boat. We know internal structures, which empowers us to implement successful and sustainable innovation processes.

Innovation As A Service

We see ourselves as an infrastructure provider, we want to guide and teach you how to implement the right tools for your innovation goals without creating a lock-in effect.


Nobody wants to burn money, waste precious time or valuable resources. That’s the reason why we have to fail and learn as quickly as possible. Build prototypes, validate if you generate a benefit and succeed by implementing your learnings. Because it doesn’t hurt that much if you fail fast than realizing later on that you have spent years of your life and millions of euros on a product nobody wants.

Scalability & Sustainability

We enable you to drive innovation.  We help you to setup the right innovation activities, create a great innovation culture and give you the right tools and products to stay innovative in the long run. We help you to build up a sustainable innovation structure/infrastructure.

Customer Focus

We help you to build products your customers will love. Not what you want to build. Because an app might not always be what your customers really need. We work customer focused to really understand your potential target group before we write a single line of code or build a rapid prototype.

Expertise and Academic Network

Our acceleration process was created together with leading accelerators, international universities and enhanced by the learnings from supporting more than 2000 corporate innovation teams and startups.