Launch your venture

Validate your MVP and get the first paying customers

Build on your idea based on real customer feedback, launch your MVP and get your first paying customers. Our hands-on entrepreneurs blend with your team and take a strong operative role from building the brand, driving first sales, or elaborating the business model.

Venture diligence

Assess your idea with real market feedback

Review the idea from multiple perspectives (i.e. desirability, feasibility, viability, contextuality) to prove you found an opportunity worth investing in. Using lean validation, we help you to create low-fidelity prototypes, interviews and much more to get in touch with the target group and get real market feedback.

Minimum Viable Product

Build an MVP and get your first customers

Develop your minimum viable product and deliver the value proposition to your first paying customers. Use valuable customer feedback, iterate and improve your product to create a product customers will love.

Found your venture

Launch your venture and get your first investment

As your venture grows, you need the right setup to support it. Whether it is spinning out, finding your first funding or dealing with complex legal setups, we are there to guide you with the most effective solution.

What makes corporate ventures successful

Practical insights on how to make your corporate venture a success from 40+ leading corporates in the German-speaking region.

How to choose the right approach to Venture Building

Corporate venture building is designed to handle high-risk opportunities which are needed in today’s world. Download our guide and discover the 5 corporate venturing approaches you can apply for your new corporate venture.

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