The startup field is highly dynamic and in permanet change. To provide our customers with the best possible service we continuously strengthen our ecosystem of startups and experts.

    Hardware Tribe

    Hardware Tribe is focusing exclusively on hardware startups. This is a hands-on initiative where the best hardware startups in the region meet and support each other to get their hardware projects off the ground.

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    Founders Experts

    The world is continuously increasing in complexity. Many helping hands and in particular specialists are needed to successfully shape a business idea. Experts are made reachable through a transparent pricing model and rating.

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    Startup Live

    Starup Live is a European community of talents and early stage startups. Startup Live consists of events across the world where 100+ startup enthusiasts meet for 2,5 days to form interdisciplinary teams and start new business ideas. The best teams are getting accepted to the Startup Live Academy, which is a 3 month European virtual pre-acclerator on the basis of our WhatAVenture tool.

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