The Business Idea Journey

Your 6-step guide to corporate venture building

Use the Business Idea Journey framework to guide yourself through the venture building process and make decisions with confidence.

What is it about?

The Business Idea Journey is a framework we developed three years ago to help us and our clients navigate the venture building process. Since then, it’s been tried, tested, and refined. And now we’re excited to share it with you. The framework is made up of six phases: Explore, Assess, Validate, Minimal viable product, Minimal viable company, and Scale. For each phase, we outline the key results you should aim for and the focus activities you can do to get there. These activities and results let you know which decisions you should be making when and what evidence you should be looking for when making the decision.

Who is it for?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve been asked to make a big decision on an idea that is not yet fully developed? If you work in innovation, particularly if you’re a decision-maker, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself in the scenario described above multiple times. You can use the framework to guide you through the venture building process and make sense of what decisions should be taken and when. Plus, you can use it to determine which criteria to look at when evaluating these decisions, enabling you to make them more confidently!

Main takeaways of the guide

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What insights you will gain

  • How to establish a shared language when it comes to venture building
  • What activities to focus on and when
  • What decisions you should be making and when
  • Which results you should evaluate in order to make decisions with confidence  
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