The ultimate guide to intrapreneurship

Gain insights into Europe's most successful intrapreneurship programs with our comprehensive guide. Discover the framework, unique features, and success factors that empower intrapreneurs to drive innovation within organizations.

The ultimate guide to intrapreneurship
What is it about?

Unleash your intrapreneurship power by learning about why it's important, the factors that make intrapreneurs special and gain an overview of the major building blocks needed for setting up an intrapreneurship program. This guide will give you an overview of the major intrapreneurship models, their unique features and their major success factors.

Who is it for?

Are you an innovation manager looking to empower your company's most valuable asset, your people, to help you by setting up an intrapreneurship program in your corporate? Learn ways to foster corporate entrepreneurship and innovation through real-world examples. Use this framework already validated by the most successful intrapreneurship programs in Europe.

Main takeaways

How to empower your employees to innovate

Why intrapreneurship matters

In today’s context, where the source of power is knowledge, intrapreneurs are the drivers of innovation within a company and essential for its success. Intrapreneurship empowers employees to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and take the initiative, leveraging their unique strengths and insights that external individuals may lack, providing a competitive advantage.

What are the major building blocks of intrapreneurship

Typical entrepreneurship programs last from a few days to several months and are composed of the building blocks with different emphases. The success of an intrapreneurship program depends on assembling the right team, allocating resources, determining the program's duration, creating spaces that foster innovation, providing appropriate rewards, and utilizing effective tools like Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Scrum.

What are success factors for intrapreneurship programs

Knowing your innovation goal, whether it is incremental or disruptive, is a major factor in setting up the right intrapreneurship program. In addition, executives need to join the journey alongside intrapreneurs, providing room for iteration of an idea, accepting tests, developing a learning mentality as well as accepting failure.

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The ultimate guide to intrapreneurshipThe ultimate guide to intrapreneurship
The ultimate guide to intrapreneurshipThe ultimate guide to intrapreneurship

What insights you will gain

  • The relevance of intrapreneurship in a corporate
  • What an intrapreneur is and what makes them special
  • Overview of the major building blocks to set up an intrapreneurship program
  • Outline of major intrapreneurship models and their unique features
  • Major success factors for running intrapreneurship programs
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