Startup scouting

Cheat sheet for scouting startups like a pro

Optimize your sourcing process and find the best startups to collaborate with our scouting cheat sheet.

What is it about

This cheat sheet provides you with insights on how to create an efficient startup scouting process. We have gathered our lessons learned from years of startup sourcing into a quick checklist for you.

Who is it for

Do you work in a corporate and want to increase the efficiency of your startup scouting process? With this cheat sheet, you have access to learnings and best practices from our years of scouting.

Main takeaways

What you’ll find inside

What insights you will learn

  • The 8-step framework that we successfully use in our startup scouting programs.
  • A quick checklist for each step in the process.
  • A validated method on how to find the right investment opportunities.

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