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Salzburg AG Innovation Challenge #2

Salzburg AG for Energy, Transport and Telecommunications operates in important areas that contribute to the quality of life and economic development of Salzburg. Thanks to Salzburg AG’s products and services for electricity, natural gas, district heating and transport, as well as cable TV, internet and telephony, reliable infrastructure for the citizens of the state of Salzburg is assured. Salzburg AG’s goal is to make the lives of Salzburg’s citizens more comfortable now and more sustainable for the future. In the 2016 financial year, Salzburg AG recorded sales of EUR 1.06 billion with some 2,062 employees, serving more than 400,00 customers. In order to seize the opportunities and advances that energy transition and digitalisation brings, Salzburg AG is looking for solutions in the areas of innovative customer solutions, operation and maintenance of assets, renewable energy and energy storage, eco-mobility, and data analysis and forecast.

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