Discover your idea

Create the environment to explore new ideas

The next big idea is just around the corner. Explore the current business landscape and engage with your employees and startups to identify new business opportunities.

Intrapreneurship programs

Empower your employees to build new ventures

The ideas and knowledge of your employees have huge potential to solve the current market challenges. Empower your company’s intrapreneurs to create prototypes, business models and new revenue streams in a short period of time.

Corporate-startup collaboration programs

Partner with leading startups to form new revenue streams

Startups are a valuable source for corporates as they offer solutions to current challenges using new technologies and approaches. We use an result-driven program to work on joint pilot projects and achieve tangible results.

Opportunity exploration

Identify new markets and business opportunities

Explore the current industry trends and technologies to identify new business opportunities and growth areas. Scan and assess all opportunities to develop a clear venture building strategy.

How to choose the right approach to venture building

The only guide you need to learn more about your corporate venturing options and how to identify which approach works best for building your next venture.

How to choose the right approach to Venture Building

Corporate venture building is designed to handle high-risk opportunities which are needed in today’s world. Download our guide and discover the 5 corporate venturing approaches you can apply for your new corporate venture.

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