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Our proven guide for Corporate Startups & Intrapreneurship Teams to successfully finding your first paying customers in the go-to-market phase.

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Spending too much time finding your first customers?

Too many startups invest time and money in developing their products rather than getting out of the building and selling them. Customers will just not come on their own, especially at the beginning of a venture. As a corporate startup or an intrapreneurship team, you need to make sure to actively show the world your awesome, new product and get as many buyers as possible.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to successfully finding your first paying customers. We’ve put together the strategies we implemented in our hands-on work with multiple corporate startups and intrapreneurship teams throughout the years.

About the authors

Martina Egger

Martina is our Go2market expert and supported numerous teams in establishing a sustainable sales process and develop innovative business models that ensure long-term success and customer engagement.

About the authors

Bernadette Zrenner

Bernadette always strives to combine her psychology background with her positive energy and business acumen to help teams on their innovation journey in validating ideas.

What you will get:

  • Main challenges for corporate startups and intrapreneurship teams
  • Our 6-step process to successfully finding your first paying customers
  • Hands-on tips and tactics on how to define your target group and get in contact with them
  • Tips and tricks on sales conversation strategy

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    We are WhatAVenture

    WhatAVenture is a worldwide operating innovation consulting firm. We guide new business ideas to success. The focus of our work is the combination of corporate power with startup agility. Our proven methods enable intrapreneurs to quickly validate and implement their business ideas. WhatAVenture serves both as a sparring partner for CEOs and innovation managers in creating an innovation culture, as well as an external team for the execution of new business ideas.

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