Big news: We expand our leadership team to revolutionize corporate venture building

To take growth to the next level we expanded our leadership team. Find out how this change equips us with all we need to keep building new corporate ventures with our clients.

From an innovation agency to a leading corporate venture builder

Since the foundation of WhatAVenture nine years ago, we have evolved from an innovation agency to one of the most successful corporate venture builders with six founded ventures in the DACH region and Italy. Our own ventures are flourishing with more than 100 employees in total and achieved multiple investments. In the last years, we have also supported our clients in building more than 12 spin-offs. With our team of hands-on entrepreneurs, venture architects and growth managers, we are happy to support renowned corporates such as DHL, Miele, VERBUND, Wien Energie and Ottobock, as well as our own portfolio of ventures.

More and more established companies have been recognizing the potential of corporate venture building for their long-term growth. We are always excited how it enables the rapid creation of ventures, and the quick development of new products and solutions.

To meet the high demand in the market for new ventures and to ensure the sustained growth of our venture portfolio, we are constantly expanding our leadership team. While long-time partners Max Ditzel and Stefan Peintner will focus on WhatAVenture as a new dual leadership team with immediate effect, the experienced founding team of Stefan Perkmann Berger, Philippe Thiltges and Alexander Streihammer will focus on building new joint ventures with our clients.

Our goal: Building 10 new corporate ventures in the next 2 years

"Our current core business is corporate venture building. This is where our many years of experience and expertise come together to bring innovative solutions with high potential to the market, to pave the way for our more than 150 customers in the years to come," our new CEOs Max and Stefan emphasize. By joining WhatAVenture from the very beginning, Max and Stefan have already played a key role in building up the German and Italian markets.Stefan Perkmann Berger and Philippe Thiltges, who remain part of the leadership team, have increasingly focused on the successful creation and management of new joint ventures. The focus is on building up a venture vehicle that enable systematic founding of corporate ventures.

"The earlier experienced people join new companies, the faster these organizations develop. With our new setup, Philippe and I can now lead these ventures as interim CEOs in the early stages,"
- Stefan Perkmann Berger

The success of our own venture portfolio, which now has an annual turnover of around 15 million euros and more than 100 employees, will continue and expand through the new leadership team setup.

We are over the moon about the milestones we have achieved so far and that our current venture portfolio is thriving. Thanks to our more than 150 clients for being part of this amazing rollercoaster ride and shaping the world with impactful innovation every single day. Join the ride, our growth journey has only just begun. If you want to know more about corporate venture building or want to build a venture with us, get in touch with our entrepreneurial hands-on team.

Rebecca Baranow
Marketing Manager
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