Life as a Communication Manager at WhatAVenture

Check out our interview with Karyna and discover her journey, main opportunities, learnings, and challenges while working as Head of Communication.

Wondering what it means to work at WhatAVenture as a Marketing and Communications expert and how does a normal day looks like for us? Check out our interview with Karyna Hornostai, Head of Communication, and discover her journey and main opportunities, learnings, and challenges of working as a Communications Manager.

Q: How would you describe your role?

I lead and execute communications projects for our clients' innovation activities. Everything that is connected to showcasing innovation both inside of a corporate and outside to external stakeholders is within my scope of responsibilities. If a corporate wants to run an intrapreneurship program (collecting and enabling ideas of their employees), they need to communicate this opportunity to the employees in the most convincing way possible, and that's where I jump in.

I work closely with the marketing wizards on my team to design campaigns that will engage our target audience and generate results.

Q: What does it take to become a Communication Manager?

You don't need to have "innovation" in your title, 6 years of experience in a marketing niche, or work on a "unicorn" project. As you have more than just one project, the work requires a hands-on mentality and the ability to learn fast and follow the trends. What matters is doing your best and learning from and together with your team. I think you need a good mixture out of:

  • go-getter attitude to find a quick solution to an unexpected change in the planning
  • flexibility to adapt to a variety of different projects in different industries
  • ability to manage your time and coordinate with the different marketing heads or clients
  • openness and proactivity to learn new skills and growth hacks and also apply them in a structured approach

Q: How would you describe your day-to-day?

There is no day alike. I can be planning a video storyline with our video expert, setting up digital ad campaigns with my team, attending client meetings, having a mentoring session with a colleague, moderating a workshop, writing copy and so much more on any given day. Every day is different and I love it!

Q: And how does a week at WhatAVenture looks like for you?

As a whirlwind. A week feels like a little life. What I mean is that I get to accomplish a lot, and typically feel quite fulfilled before taking off for a weekend. Here is an approximate breakdown of the types of tasks that I do in a week:

Q: What is your favorite part of being a Communications Manager at WhatAVenture?

No matter the role, we get to innovate where we are. We get to make changes for the better and spread that innovator mindset with our communication activities. I love seeing real solutions and products come to life. Also: being surrounded by people who have a deep passion for what they do!

Q: What is your advice to new go-getters at WhatAVenture?

As a young professional, you should take part in as many projects as possible, with diverse project leads. Ask to participate in projects, take advantage of every learning opportunity, and actively engage in workshops and sales meetings to learn more about the way we work and identify also your own way of working.

Karyna Hornostai
Manager & Head of Communications
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